Some Stay

by Sacred Spirits

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Brant's Dad
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Brant's Dad An underestimated release on a quietly overachieving label. This LP oozes authenticity and sincerity. It's a good spin when you don't know what to play, and it even works well as a treadmill companion. Skip the remix track. Favorite track: Coma.
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released December 18, 2012


all rights reserved



B.C. Brooklyn, New York

We existed in the number, five.

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Track Name: Some Stay
some stay,
some will go out on their own,
i'm late,
sometimes you have to be alone,
it's hard to live,
you know i have to leave you now,
i'm so scared,
of my plans,
these things,
they never should have been so bad,
but they were,
i missed all of the things i had,
my mouth ran dry,
while all my fears were being born,
i'll take some time
Track Name: Open Window
i love somebody
but they love me better,
their love goes deeper,
while my heart grows darker,
and my feet grow tired,
and my thoughts go further,
a warm wind is blowing,
through my open window,
clocks been racing,
eyes are closing,
soon i'll be dreaming,
what was i supposed to do today?
be who you want to be,
believe in all your dreams,
don't think too much,
rules can be misleading
Track Name: My Brother Died
my brother died,
my mother cried,
and so did i
Track Name: PNR
i'll be the one,
who doesn't know,
how to let go,
when he's in love,
how could i be strong enough?
how could i be strong enough?
i'll never try hard enough,
only if i live long enough,
well then i'll see,
it's only me,
and when i die,
i'll be set free,
how can you love good enough?
how can you live long enough?
how can you be strong enough?
i'll be alright,
just give me time to cry enough
Track Name: People
sometimes forget
about people,
the other people,
the rest of the world,
people only think,
about themselves,
people forget,
about people,
about the rest of the world,
people only think about themselves,
my body was broken,
for the people,
all the people,
not just some of the people
Track Name: Jackson
i will
miss you
love you
you are
with me
we can
have things
our way
can we?
but our love is strong
with my eyes
i could try
Track Name: Hands
all i have is hands
to cover everything
when heaven disappears
you know i'll do the same
i thought that i would die
it turned out i was wrong
when lights are going dark
don't leave me here alone
i only needed half
to get into my place
i look into the sky
but all i see is space
i'm stuck between two walls
the heavens and the ground
sometimes i get so high
i feel like coming down
Track Name: Here
i can't stay here,
i'm gonna die here,
i hope it happens now
oh my heartbreak,
oh my mistake,
i hope it happens now
Track Name: To The Moon
all this time,
never tried,
i'm still here,
i'm still here,
and i feel so alone and scared,
without you,
i love you,
to the moon,
i could die
Track Name: Coma
the farther i get,
the more confused i get,
i'm already irrelevant,
so i keep my thoughts,
to myself,
if i get into heaven,
i don't know what i'll do,
but when i realize that i died,
i might cry,
if i'm not talking,
it don't mean i'm not thinking,
and if i'm not crying,
it don't mean i'm not grieving,
and if i am dying,
it don't mean i'm not living,
and when i'm not wishing,
it don't mean i'm not dreaming,
i'm only sleeping